Digi Lab: Building Bridges between Art & Technology

Digi Lab is a digital art and technology symposium, hosting a range of artist Q&As, panels, presentations and live demonstrations.

The event explores the links between creativity, whether it be musical, technological or philosophical, in a discursive and inviting context. Digi Lab thus offers unique opportunities to hear directly from artists and creators, inventors, technologists and industry professionals.

Talk: Bridges between Digital & Physical // with Ken Masui & Tetsuya Mizuguchi
Artist Talk: In Conversation // with Yannick Jacquet

Artist Talk: Discovering new ways of collaboration // with machina & Shohei Fujimoto

Live & Q&A: machina & Shohei Fujimoto

Presented by EDGEof & MUTEK.jp
In collaboration with Digital Choc & Media Ambition Tokyo